Marrakech Edition
6th - 12th October 2024


When you find your purpose, you find your voice. Now it's time to use your voice and turn it into a calling, a movement and a career.

This event in Marrakech, Morocco has been designed as an intimate sanctuary for you to craft your powerful signature message and build a strong personal and business brand identity, including books, keynote and TEDx talks, podcasts and programmes.

It is ideal for women business owners, leaders, speakers, trainers, authors, coaches, consultants and podcast hosts who are looking to enhance their voice and elevate their brand with a distinctive, signature message, talk and story.

Your voice is your front door to the world and your message is the cornerstone of your brand, business, book, keynote, programmes, workshops and courses. Your message is your footprint because it determines what you'll be remembered for.

Captivate your audience and leave them wanting more, by crafting a clear and unique brand message that makes you unforgettable. Learn how to speak, not just to inspire but also to transform.

Enjoy luxury, authentic, Moroccan experiences and excursions, lush gardens, vibrant markets and exquisite cuisine.

** This is an intimate event and spots are very limited**

Clarify your compelling core message, signature story and authentic voice. Learn how to package them, along with your expertise, into a distinctive brand and business identity.

Hone your message to captivate your audience and create lasting impact and influence across various media platforms including TEDx, virtual and in-person stages, books, podcasts, interviews, virtual and live events, workshops, programmes etc. 

You’re not just the messenger, you’re also the message. Master your personal, business and professional narrative by not just speaking your message but also by being your message. 

Learn how to leverage your story, message and mission as the launchpad and turn them into your core business offer, products, programmes and services which transform lives. 

What's Included and Bonuses

Who Is This Retreat For?

This retreat experience is for the discerning woman who wants to make her unique mark in the world with her voice, her stories and her experience. Her life is OK, it may even be good. Yet within her, she feels that a part of it is unlived and doesn’t want to meet her maker with so much life left in her. She’s ready to pivot from her current career or business and do something on her own. She’s ready for her powerful voice to emerge, she’s ready to be seen and heard.

If you come to this event, expect to be seen, held, and taken care of. In this safe-space cocoon you will not just find your voice, you’ll leave with a crafted talk that will form the launchpad of your brand or business. You will also have the authority to establish a credible platform as an author, speaker, trainer, coach and consultant. 

Your voice has the power to make a difference in the lives of others, it’s time to use it for greater impact, influence and income. Use your life lessons, message and expertise to build your business and change lives. 

This is your opportunity to be guided, mentored and coached by someone who’s been there, done that and has the blueprint. 

This is an intimate event and spots are limited.

"When you know your purpose, you find yourself
When you find yourself, you find your voice
When you find your voice, you find your power
And when you find your power, you can truly live."

It's time to truly live.

Ene Obi

What Can You Expect?

An intimate, safe space where you will be seen, heard and taken care of.

A community of discerning women who are committed to launching and growing their purpose-driven brand. 

Emerge with your powerful message, keynote talk and signature story to launch your platform. 

Learn how to package your purpose, experience and expertise into products so you can launch yourself as a masterful educator. 



Meet Your Retreat Host

Ene Obi

I love to travel. I love deep, meaningful conversations, I also love to inspire and teach. What a joy it is to do all these things while hosting you in exotic Marrakech. 

I have created for you, an experience of a lifetime, only to be topped by the next Ziano Mindspa event!

After almost three decades working in the corporate world, mostly in Human Resources, I now pursue my purpose and passion as a career. And that’s what I help women just like me and you, to do. My mission is to ‘Go back and get the others”. I am passionate about helping women pivot from a long-term corporate career, business or after being stay-at-home mums, to rediscover their purpose, find their voice and turn it into a new career. I specialise in helping women package their purpose, their voice and their expertise to launch a purpose-driven business.

I am an International and TEDx Speaker, Certified Transformational Trainer, Certified Executive Coach and the author of the bestselling book, Your Life Is Calling. 

I have shared global stages with world-renowned speakers including Les Brown and Lisa Nichols. 

I am married to Henry Obi CBE and we have two grown-up sons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Details of the daily agenda will be provided to retreat participants.

No, flights are not included in the package investment.

Details of the property where we’ll be staying will be shared with signed-up attendees of the event. 

This event is only for women over the age of 21. The only men present, if any, will be guest speakers, facilitators or service providers.

All sales are final and deposits are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend we will offer you a credit which can be used for another Ziano Mindspa retreat, product or event. 

If the retreat is cancelled for any reason, such as Covid-19, it will be rescheduled for another date and/or location. 

Rooms are reserved either by paying in full.  

Yes, you can transfer your spot at the same value and room type, to another woman.

I visited Marrakech for the first time in June 2022 and quickly fell in love with the place. It is charming, exotic, historic, yet glamorous and understated. It is the perfect choice of location for a retreat such as this because, as well as our daily workshops, we’ll also enjoy excursions across the Red City and explore its vibrant Medina, souks and bazaars. There’ll be lots of opportunities to lose ourselves to the culture, sights and sounds of this traditional city and enjoy it’s jaw-dropping sunset. Oh, and don’t forget the Atlas Mountains!