Rediscover Yourself For Your Next Chapter

To be all you can be, you must know who you are.

“We shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to know the place for the very first time.” ~T S Eliot 

The Ziano Mindspa Power of 12 is an intimate, safe space transformationl experience for women seeking what’s next for them in life. They are ready to reinvent themselves and create a purposeful Next Chapter.   

If you’re at a point of stagnation in life, frustrated with a lack of meaning and purpose, and are ready to rise to a higher level of your possibilites, this event is for you! Connect with an intimate community of like-minded women who are rediscovering themselves and transforming their lives.  

As a result of attending the Power of 12 Experience, you will begin the journey of transformation to:

  • Rediscover yourself  and get back to your core 
  • Identify the barriers holding you back from a more empowered and purposeful life 
  • Connect with like-minded women within an intimate, safe space community

Stop hiding your greatness and give yourself and the world the gift of you. Release unique parts of yourself that are lying dormant and under-utilised.

“To know you is to love you. To love you is to be you.” – Ene Obi

Join the Experience
2pm - 6pm
Saturday 23rd September 2023
(Includes Afternoon Tea)

In-person, London