The Power of 12 Brunch Workshop

To be all of who you can be, you must first know who you are.

“We shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to know the place for the very first time.” ~T S Eliot 

The Ziano Mindspa Brunch Workshop is an intimate safe space sanctuary for 12 ladies to come together to connect, learn, share and grow, as they begin their journey of self-(re)discovery and personal transformation. We are crushing mediocrity and creating our Next Chapter; a chapter with more Meaning, Impact and Significance. 

We’ve all got greatness within us but sometimes, because of the conditioning process of our life experiences, we might doubt and limit ourselves. The tools and practices shared at this workshop are designed to help you accelerate your personal and professional development.

As a result of the Power of 12 brunch, you will learn about the four stages of greatness:

  • Self awareness
  • Self acceptance
  • Self commitment and
  • Self fulfilment

and how to use them as a roadmap to transform your life from OK or even good to GREAT.   

This is a one-day, in-person event held at a luxurious venue in London.

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September 2022