Your Life Is Calling

There’s a part of you that feels unlived. It’s seeking expression, making you wonder what there is to your life. You want more but don’t know what ‘more’ is. This leaves you asking, “Now what?”

You’re ready to explore, to scratch that itch, to discover your ‘more’. 

Welcome to Your Life Is Calling! 

You’ve done so much in your life, but you know you're destined for more. You're questioning the meaning of life. Or at least, of your life.

Life is OK, maybe even good. You’ve get the job, climbed the career ladder. You’ve done what was expected of you. Your kids, if you have any, are now grown. So why do you feel so stuck, like your life is following the status quo, with a growing sense of dissatisfaction and malaise? The things that once excited you or at least gave you some enjoyment have been outgrown, you feel like you’re living in a plateau of mediocrity, like you’re merely existing, you’re no longer thriving. This leaves you asking:                                                                                                            “Now what?”                                                                                                                                                                                Is this it?”                                                                                                                                                                                   Or perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “There’s got to be more to my life than this!

You’re ready to experience personal growth and transformation, to explore more of your possibilities and create a new chapter in your life, a chapter where you’re thriving, rejuvenated, excited, renewed and re-energised, living a life which gives you a deeper sense of meaning, of impact and of significance. 

It’s time to ‘scratch that itch’ and step out of the slow lane into the superhighway of your life. It’s time to Do You!

Welcome to Ziano Mindspa’s Your Life Is Calling. Prepare to be taken on a journey to ‘more’. It’s a journey of developing Clarity for Your Next Chapter, of Re-discovering Yourself and of Re-igniting Your Purpose. It’s a journey back to You.

As a result of attending this course, participants will have a renewed purpose to birth new life and career dreams with:

Become all you were born to be, create new possibilities and live a life with no regrets. Stop asking...

Is this is?”  
“What am I meant to do with my life?” 
“Now what?”  
“There’s got to be more!” 

We must never cease in growing, in becoming, in evolving, in becoming, and in evolving ourselves to our highest capacity. We are not on earth to be mediocre but to become all that we can be.  

What can you expect?

Next Class Starts in February 2023

2 Feb, 9 Feb, 16 Feb and 23 Feb | 8pm – 9:30pm UK / 3pm – 4:30pm Eastern

Your Investment: £299

BONUS: Your Life Is Calling Workbook eJournal


Ene Obi

With almost three decades in corporate Human Resources, I now combine my story, passion and experience and work with professional women seeking a more rewarding and personally fulfilling life. I help them see more of the power, purpose and possibilities of their life. I am the author of Your Life Is Calling (Foreword by Les Brown) and contributing author to the #1 bestselling book, You Are Enough, with Les Brown and Cheryl Wood.