Congratulations on welcoming change and embracing
a new and exciting opportunity.

I’m Ene Obi, an author, motivational speaker, coach and the founder of Ziano MindSpa.

For almost three decades I worked for renowned, global organisations, including Shell, HSBC, AstraZeneca, Visa, and Goldman Sachs – twenty years of which were spent in Human Resources – where I dedicated my time to the people, teams and cultures of the high-flying corporate world. I had what you could call dream jobs, with the pleasure of working with amazing people in some of the most enriching environments on the planet. On paper, I had a great life but in that journey, I lost myself. Amidst the excitement of being in the environments that I was in, the gratitude I felt for being able to impact people’s lives, I stopped impacting my life. One day it hit me – my dream had turned into a nightmare – and I needed to get back to my dream. For me to do that, I needed to get back to a place called Me.

Sometimes, for one reason or another, we stop ourselves from enjoying new experiences and exploring the possibilities of our life. Perhaps because we don’t want to disrupt the norm, we rule ourselves out of the life we can have. We play it safe. Or worse, we don’t play at all. 

Have you ever stopped yourself from reaching for a dream, whether professionally or personally?

Working with me isn’t about creating a better you. It’s about living your best life. I combine my passion, my story and my experience and take you on a journey of self-discovery to that place called You, where we’ll redefine your goals and dreams for the next chapter of your life. This time, with you holding the pen that writes the story. You are the hero of your life and the author of your story. My aim is to give you a new lease of life. A new passion. A new sense of direction. And a new positivity that will uplift and impact your life every day.

Are you ready to…

  • Reconnect with your deeper self?
  • Develop a renewed purpose?
  • See your full potential?
  • Create the life you desire?
  • Truly love yourself, just the way you are?

Then I can’t wait to hear from you. 

You Are Unique and You Are Enough

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The virtual masterclasses will be held on the following dates in 2021:

13th May | 11th June | 15th July | 16th September

I’ll share how I answered the call from my life and how you can answer yours too.  


 Participants need to purchase the book to attend and will get a free journal. 

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Ene…..I’m sure you’re still flying high from the weekend!!!!!!! You did phenomenal….and I loved that nothing was going to stop you.

Jon Talarico

Ene I’m so proud of you…..you are doing what you were meant to do….and you are stunning!

Farha Al Adawi

Ene, it seems like you have started an amazing chapter. That definitely resonates with the woman you are and I’m very happy for you.

Eve Mendy

Ene, I knew the end of your story would be more powerful than the beginning. Thank you for not letting anything stop you!!

Kasundra Brown

Thank you for the love and support. BTW Ene you’re the real star, your ability to bounce back after the technical hiccup is not a small thing. True professional I could learn from.

Stephen Ward

Ene, you’re a natural at empowering women and I’m glad to see you doing this and how happy it’s making you!

Naomi Omokhodion