Secrets To Hosting World-Class, In-Person Events Like a Pro

There is nothing like an immersive, in-person event to build authority, leadership, visibility, connection, community, trust and engagement.

This COMPLIMENTARY workshop is ideal for you if you are a developing or aspiring speaker, author, trainer, coach, consultant, thought-leader or business leader and you want to crush your next in-person event.

Don't just host an event, create an experience.

Tuesday 4th June, 2024
4pm U.K. / 11am Eastern

In this complimentary workshop you will learn the ultimate steps to hosting immersive, transformational events, specifically, how to:


* Design your standout event promise, premise and programme.

* Develop the plan and content to take your powerful message beyond motivational and inspirational and move it to transformational.

* Deliver an experience that leaves your audience fired up about taking their life and business to the next level.

It's time to stop waiting to be invited to share someone else's stage and instead, show up, stand out and speak up on your own stage. Learn from someone who's not just been taught but has been there, done that and got the blueprint.

Tuesday 4th June 2024
4pm U.K. / 11am Eastern